Being a SACCO managed by professionals in the legal profession, we understand your financial and investment needs and want you to enjoy the benefits by accessing affordable credit and at the same getting good returns on your investment/deposits.

  • Governance & Management

LSK Sacco is managed by a nine member Board of Directors Committee plus a Supervisory Committee which is made up of three members both elected at the Annual General Meeting. The committee meets frequently to deliberate on SACCO matters  and forge way forward in order to safeguard members interest. The board also has employed qualified staff to handle administration function of the SACCO.


  1. Favorable interest rates on all credit facilities at 1% per month on reducing balance.
  2. High interest rate on deposits, of at least 8.5% p.a.
  3. Flexible payment methods i.e. M-pesa, Cheques, standing orders, direct debit and direct debits
  4. Longer and Flexible repayment period up  to 84 months for loans over 7.5M
  5. Personalized services: LSK is now able to serve you from the comfort of your office through your Customer relationship officer
  6. Access to various credit facilities.
  7. Simple and quick loan processing process.
  8. Transparent processes, you don’t need to know anyone to be assisted.